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Area EXHIBITION Canton Fair In Autumn Of 2016

The 120th Canton Fair In Guangzhou

15–19 Oct 2016 Guangzhou,China 

Area C 162F24

We are a manufacturer and our core business are including: 

* Folding electric bicycle   

* Folding electric tricycle

* Electric scooter   

* Motor

Our main exporting brand “Ainier” electric vehicles are all uses high strength magnesium alloy or aluminum alloy as the material of the vehicle frame, it uses lithium battery as power output and combined with an efficient, low energy consumption motor which make it more environmental, durable and high-quality. “Ainier” electric vehicles are all meet the requirements of future energy development and it is all follow the trend of the electric vehicle industry which are “smaller, easier, portable and environmental protection”.

Our company’s goal is to finish production 1.5 million vehicles and achieve sales of 5 billion in 3 years, and we hope “Ainier” can spread its wings to fly into different cities all over the world. 

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