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It is an innovative electric bicycle, the design concept is the result of old front rear small bicycle, give a person the sense of having a unique style.Rider can sit up straight, put a hand on his side at the helm, finger operationThe acceleratorandThe brakeAnd both feet firmly on the footstool, top speed of 12 miles per hour (about 20 kilometers per hour).Rider without lots pedal, so save a lot of energy.YikeBike about 20 pounds (9 kg), using phosphoric acid lithium battery, can be full of 80% of the electricity in 20 minutes.The car is a new type of electric vehicles, combined with folding bicycles andElectric bicycleThe double advantages.As planned, the head one hundred YikeBike in mid - 2010 will do a good job in New Zealand and the UK and other European countries ready to hit the road.

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